Based on two laboratories: Geotechnical lab. and Construction material lab., Saigon IC can meet the strict requirements of time schedule and quality of geotechnical investigation not only in-situ but also in the laboratory and for construction material testing as well.

Construction material testing

  •  Unconfined compression testing of concrete specimens (cubic or cylindrical)
  • Tensile and bend testing of steel bar
  • Coupling pull-out testing in laboratory or in-situ
  • Ultrasonic concrete testing
  • Testing for fine and coarse aggregate, block, mortar…

Quality control construction

  • Inspeciton quality project in construction or prior operation.
  • Inspection the building for transfer the funtion of porject.
  • Inspection for the cause effect damage in procject.
  • Inspection existing building around the new building prior construction.

Supervision and Construction project management Consultants

  • Supervision in survey field
  • Supervision for keeping the construction project on schedule, reducing technical risks and preventting construction errors. Ensuring the project compliant to relevant building regulations, quality standard.
  • Construction project management

Geotechnical investigation

In-situ testing:

  • Sampling by thin-walled tube, doubled tube core sampler or piston sampler
  • Standard penetration test (SPT)
  • Field vane shear test
  • Cone penetration test with/without pore water pressure measurement
  • Monitoring the pore water pressure by Casagrande piezometer or VW piezometer

Laboratory testin:

  • Index tests: natural moisture content, bulk density, specific gravity, gradation, Atterberg limits…
  • Triaxial compression test in comply with UU, CU, CD types or SHANSEP model
  • One-dimensional consolidation test (one cycle or two cycles)
  • Unconfined compression test for soil, rock and soil-cement mixture specimens
  • Splitting tensile strength test for rock and soil-cement mixture specimens
  • Quick determination of shear strength using Torvane shearmeter or pocket penetrometer
  • Laboratory vane shear test
  • Swelling test for soil and rock specimens with swelling pressure measurement
  • Pinhole test for classification of dispersive clay soils
  • Determination of Carbonate content for soil and rock specimens
  • Determination of clay mineral for soil and rock specimens by Methylene Blue Adsorption method
  • Point load test for rock specimens
  • Los Angeles abrasion test
  • CERCHAR abrasivity test
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